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JOLT.PH, with the University of the Philippines Open University and the University of New South Wales, has launched the VolunTeaching Initiative to close the gap between the school and the scholar. We will be providing VoluntTeachers Scholarship Support to be able to earn the University of New South Wales and the University of the Philippines "Learning to Teach Online" programs.

Through your financial support, we will facilitate inclusive online learning opportunities through a three-phase plan:
   1. Award Online Educator Certification for VolunTeachers;
   2. Host General and Specialized Education Courses for Learners 
   3. Provide Learners Technology Support scholarships

Funds will be used to:
   1. Provide scholarship support to VolunTeachers 
   2. Maintain a Virtual Classroom on which e-learning material may be freely accessed by         students from around the world.
   3. Provide students a tablet + data bundle to be able to access online e-material.

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